Billy Milionis

11 May 2022

Acting Exercises for the Camera – How to Practice

Camera shy? Here are some acting exercises for the camera Acting in front of a camera can feel unnatural. The haunting, all-seeing lens can inspire all […]
11 May 2022

How to Nail Your Acting Audition

Nailing an audition is tough, but try these audition tips It is every actor’s worst nightmare; you’re perfect for a role, you prepare for the audition, […]
11 May 2022

Acting Tips for Beginners

Just starting in the acting game? Try these acting techniques for beginners There are a million different acting tips for beginners. Where to begin? For different […]
11 May 2022

The Perfect Quick Guide to Impressing a Casting Director

Try these tips for how to stand out to a casting director Going for an audition is one of the most feared and, occasionally, brutal times […]
4 April 2022

Getting Into Acting – Jonah Hill

Born and raised in Los Angeles in 1983, from a young age Jonah Hill knew that his passion lay with filmmaking.
15 January 2022

Getting Into Acting – Timothée Chalamet

2021 should be renamed the year of Timothée Chalamet. The 25-year-old actor has not one, not two, but three films releasing which are all up for Oscar contention.
6 November 2021

Getting Into Acting – Naomi Watts

If you were to ask anyone to name their favourite Australian actors, the name Naomi Watts would crop up quite regularly.
5 September 2021

Getting Into Acting – Jim Carrey

When we consider icons in the acting world, we think of actors who revolutionised a genre. Actors whose distinct approach brought us unique and memorable characters time and time again with nuance and flair.
9 August 2021

The Importance of an Acting Coach – Who was Peggy Feury?

When we witness fantastic performances on film, we often credit the actor on their craft. We admire how they made us relate, cry, gasp, and wonder, sometimes with just a word or a look.
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