Get the best of both worlds with our
Meisner Technique and Screen Acting course.

This is made up of two Meisner classes and one on-screen acting class, making it perfect for actors interested in pursuing film, television and stage work.

With This Course You Will:

  • Receive a well-rounded training program in film and stage: get the best of both worlds
  • Nurture and develop your own unique acting style with the Meisner Technique
  • Develop compelling, memorable demo reel scenes
  • Build a strategic plan to target casting directors and agents
  • Explore and strengthen your imagination and improvisational skills
  • Bring truth and integrity to your work, to enable a compelling performance
  • Benefit from stage, film and television techniques
  • Learn how to make the script work, for successful auditions

Unlike many schools that focus primarily on stage or screen, The Actors Pulse infuses both performance styles so that they complement each other and leave you well-equipped for the future.

When combined with our Meisner Technique classes, our screen class will give you a complete skill set to give you a true edge.

This unique combination will help you to be real and organically build scenes to their climax. As an actor, you will be able to experience the character's journey and allow the audience to share the journey as well.

Price Per Term:

3 classes/wk (paid upfront): $1380

Class Duration & Schedule:

9 hours per week, comprising of 2 Meisner classes and 1 screen acting class per week

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