Billy Milionis

5 July 2022

Best Scripts to Practice Acting

Are you a novice or a student in drama class just starting and are excited to broaden your acting skills? If you’d like to break into […]
5 July 2022

What is Method Acting and Who Are Some Of The Greatest Method Actors?

Do you wonder why actors on screen are so good at getting emotional reactions from viewers? Or are you taking method acting classes and are learning […]
5 July 2022

Character Acting: What Is It and What Makes a Great Character Actor?

Have you ever grown to like supporting roles more than the leading actor? Do you recognise an actor in the cast but don’t know their name? […]
7 June 2022

Who to Study: The Best Acting Performances of All Time

If you desire to be a great actor, analysing the greatest movie performances in the film industry will help you sharpen your overall technique on and […]
7 June 2022

A Guide to the Different Types Of Acting in Film

Do you dream of a career in acting? Have you always been great at playing pretend? Whether you’ve just started acting school or have extensive experience […]
7 June 2022

How To Start Your Career in Acting

Acting is a notoriously difficult business to break into. As the adage goes, there’s no business like show business. Breaking into acting involves gruelling auditions, an […]
7 June 2022

Stage vs. Screen: A Comparison of Acting Techniques

There is a difference between screen acting techniques and effective acting on stage Have you ever watched a recording of a play? Something is always amiss. […]
6 June 2022

Getting Into Acting – Sean Penn

Sean Penn studied with one of the most influential acting coaches of the 20th century and student of Sanford Meisner himself; Peggy Feury.
11 May 2022

How to Memorise Your Lines Like a Pro

Memorising lines is hard work. If only we lived in a Matrix-style world where lines could be miraculously downloaded directly into the brain! Alas, that technology […]
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