Build your acting repertoire early on and get into
the industry now.

This 9-week course is aimed at young actors from 11-16 years old, who aspire to a build a professional acting career.
It is a standalone course and a pathway into adult Meisner classes later on.

This Class Teaches You To:

  • Creatively learn how to act for stage and screen
  • Engage in a professional, real acting course
  • Focus and nourish your imagination
  • Learn how to bring a story to life
  • Bring confidence, truth and realism to your performance
  • Deliver a performance that is natural, real and engaging to watch
  • Get footage of your filmed class work to download and keep

New York Teen Acting Classes - Learn in Studio or Online

Now also available as Live & Interactive Online Acting Classes, young actors can continue learning the craft of acting either in our Sydney studios or while at home and from anywhere in the world.

Stories have been with us for thousands of years, enabling mankind to grow and communicate through true events and dreams. At The Actors Pulse, not only do our teens develop their instincts and confidence, they also learn to tackle the English language through acting.

This makes them more confident and better equipped for job interviews in the future and therefore making them more employable and better versed in the English language.

New York Teen Acting classes are taught in our New York Theatrette or Playhouse Studio

Price Per Term:

1 class/wk for 9 weeks (paid upfront) $390

2 classes/wk for 9 weeks (paid upfront) $685

3 classes/wk for 9 weeks (paid upfront) $955

4 classes/wk for 9 weeks (paid upfront) $1,190


Proudly a NSW Creative Kids provider

Class Duration & Schedule:

In Studio Classes

Friday 4:30pm - 6pm

Saturday 11:30am - 1pm

Online Classes

Monday 4:30pm - 6pm

Saturday 9:30am - 11am

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