Aaron Glenane(Graduated Student)

“The Actors Pulse for me became a way of life. A regular day would consist of looking inside myself to find out what was moving me, spending time thinking outside the box with doors and activities, heading down to rep from start to finish, lying at home going through the heaviest to the greatest of thoughts, meeting up with partners to sort out circumstances, taking out relationships, impediments and characters. It was a truly great 5 and a half years. The dedication and thoroughness the school provides in terms of really creating active and moving conflict is inspirational.

Billy is a great acting “coach.” He is motivational and inspiring, honest when you’re not on your game and knows how much or how little to give you in terms of finding the best way yourself. I am so grateful I’ve had the opportunity to study here. Although he has many great phrases the one that has always stuck with me is “Don’t ask a million questions; work a million hours.”

Rebecca Breeds(The Actors Pulse Alumni)

“What I love about the Meisner Technique is that it is designed to enhance and bring out what I already have as a human and hence a performer maintaining what only I can offer an employer. It brings out what is already in you rather than adding on a ‘method’. Everyday I’m learning a new freedom, power and FUN as an actor.”

Sam Alhaje(Graduated Student)

Hey Brother (Billy),

You’re a beautiful man. You have taught me so much about not only acting but about life, and for that I appreciate you beyond words.

“If you had 86,400 seconds in a day, wouldn’t you spend them all”? “We have 86,400 seconds a day, why wouldn’t you spend them all”? “Find a way to win”. You taught me to open my eyes around me, to make sure I make the most out of every second of a day and to always keep pushing.

You truly are a great mentor as well as a true friend, although sometimes you whip, hammer, belt and absolutely cut the legs off us that we want to go home. It is never for the negative, it’s for the positive. It’s such a honour and pleasure to have you as part of my life. You’re a Mayweather in your profession! Thank you so very much for everything you have done for me. This phrase best sums up about what I am truly trying to say. “I appreciate you”.

Stephen Hunter(The Actors Pulse Alumni)

“I was a working actor when I started at The Actors Pulse. I wanted to expand my range and break into bigger & better work.
Billy has taught me that talent and natural skill will only get you so far. His focus is on developing your craft and your skills through a disciplined process. It’s not about picking up tips & tricks. I had plenty of those.
Billy’s passion for acting and his actors is something I have never experienced before. We all have our champions – our friends, agent and family, who tell us how great we are. With Billy, you just get the truth. He is tough, honest and probably my harshest critic. But at the same time, he is my biggest fan. His commitment, love and guidance has broken me out of my comfort zone. He continues to inspire, demand, encourage and challenge. If you want an easy ride and quick success – don’t come here. If you really want to learn how to act – this is where you should be.”

Melissa Bonne(Graduated Student)

“Being a working actor will take more than just an acting course, a great acting teacher, or a great role in a big production. It’ll take more than you realise when you first decide to give this dream of yours a chance. And while there are great schools and teachers out there, very rarely will you find a place that not only teaches you the craft at a deep and meaningful level, but also prepares you for what will become a life of work, discipline, resilience, and most of all, play. Billy has built a school that is based on finding the truth; the truth of your characters, the truth of you, the truth of what you can, and are willing to give. But it is also a school that will excite you and inspire you even when the work is hard. And the work will get very, very hard. You want a school like this when you choose a career as an actor, because a school like this will get you working. It will get you moving and keep you moving forward.”

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