25 July 2022
children acting in play

What age can you start acting classes?

Do you want your child to pursue an acting career, but have no idea where to begin or if they can qualify? Does your child love
25 July 2022
ballet dancers

How to get rid of nerves before a performance

Did you ever feel anxious about public speaking during your early school years? Stage fright is totally normal as it’s the body’s response to stress, but
25 July 2022
auditioning for a part

Do you need to have acting experience to audition for a part?

Are you wanting to become an actor but are concerned about your level of acting experience? An acting career is possible in the film industry, but
5 July 2022
Actor Reading Scripts

Best Scripts to Practice Acting

Are you a novice or a student in drama class just starting and are excited to broaden your acting skills? If you’d like to break into
5 July 2022
Two Actors Sitting on Stage

What is Method Acting and Who Are Some Of The Greatest Method Actors?

Do you wonder why actors on screen are so good at getting emotional reactions from viewers? Or are you taking method acting classes and are learning
5 July 2022
Actors Behind Red Curtain

Character Acting: What Is It and What Makes a Great Character Actor?

Have you ever grown to like supporting roles more than the leading actor? Do you recognise an actor in the cast but don’t know their name?

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