7 June 2022
vivien leigh photo

Who to Study: The Best Acting Performances of All Time

Who are the greatest acting performers of all time? If you desire to be a great actor, analysing the greatest movie performances in the film industry
7 June 2022
black and white actor

A Guide to the Different Types Of Acting in Film

Do you dream of a career in acting? Have you always been great at playing pretend? Whether you’ve just started acting school or have extensive experience
7 June 2022
Black White Dancers Acting

How To Start Your Career in Acting

Read on to get tips on taking the first step to starting a career in acting Acting is a notoriously difficult business to break into. As
7 June 2022
Woman Entering Stage

Stage vs. Screen: A Comparison of Acting Techniques

There is a difference between screen acting techniques and effective acting on stage Have you ever watched a recording of a play? Something is always amiss.
6 June 2022
Sean Penn - Hurly Burly

Getting Into Acting – Sean Penn

Sean Penn studied with one of the most influential acting coaches of the 20th century and student of Sanford Meisner himself; Peggy Feury.
11 May 2022
international movie script

How to Memorise Your Lines Like a Pro

Here’s our guide on how to memorise lines as an actor Memorising lines is hard work. If only we lived in a Matrix-style world where lines

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