Get a head start in the competitive world of screen acting.

This course is suitable for both newcomers and experienced actors who are ready to deepen their skills.

This Technique Allows You To:

  • Build momentum with screen acting experience and character development techniques
  • Get prepared with auditioning advice and practice
  • Develop compelling, memorable demo reel scenes
  • Establish your personal brand
  • Build a strategic plan to target casting directors and agents

Using the principals of the Meisner Technique, we help you break down scenes to understand the story and character so you can deliver characters with integrity and conviction. We help you build a solid set of skills to boost your on-camera presence, inner life and confidence. Our screen classes are uniquely structured so you can learn to audition consistently well.

Whatever the genre or role, you will have the skills to effectively break down scripts and bring stories to life.

Based on the Meisner Technique and the Scott Sedita System, you will develop skills including cold reading, self-taping and American Sit-Com.

Truthful acting for the screen

Our unique layered approach combines technique with story and character development. Each layer of character-building is developed step-by-step until you’re able to instinctively connect with your character and their journey. This will result in truthful, authentic acting that will instantly set you apart from others in auditions and on set.

Screen Acting classes are taught in The Green Screen Studio

Price Per Term:

1 class/wk - (paid upfront): $740

2 classes/wk - (paid upfront): $1,420

In conjunction with 2 or more Meisner classes

1 class/wk - (paid upfront): $540

2 classes/wk - (paid upfront): $1020


Class Duration & Schedule:

Wednesday 3pm - 6pm

Wednesday 7pm - 10pm

Thursday 3pm - 6pm

Thursday 7pm - 10pm

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