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Master the Meisner Technique

Learn from the leading Meisner Technique acting school in the southern hemisphere. Our classes focus on realistic acting for stage and screen, guiding students to excel with genuine storytelling and character development.


The Actors Pulse

The Actors Pulse is the leading Meisner Technique acting school in the southern hemisphere. Offering a range of acting classes for stage and screen, we support our students to become outstanding actors with the right skills to succeed in the industry.

Dedicated to realism, our classes are based on the teachings of Sanford Meisner, the father of the Meisner Technique. Drawing on lessons learned directly from Meisner himself, The Actors Pulse Founder Billy Milionis combines Meisner's principles with layers of character development and genuine story-telling.


Why Meisner? 

Through the Meisner technique, our most successful actors have learned to concentrate not on themselves but on the actors in their immediate vicinity. 

This is based on one of the core principles taught by Sanford Meisner who believed that the interactions between characters are integral to creating life and energy in performance. 

Through this technique, our students learn to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances and embrace their instincts for an honest and more natural approach to acting. 

Highly favoured within the acting industry, training in the Meisner Technique best positions you for a successful career on stage and screen both in Australia and overseas.

Find in yourself those human things which are universal.

- Sanford Meisner

We work with our students to create real, moving and authentic performances across stage, film and television.


Full-Time Acting Course

Learn to act truthfully under imaginary circumstances with the Meisner Technique. Our full time program prepares you for a career in the industry. In addition to our world class Meisner Technique and Screen Acting classes, you will learn performance skills, career preparation, voice and dialect, movement and the business of acting.

Full Time Courses

For the dedicated, learn everything in a short time.


Part Time Courses

Flexible schedule, suitable for any skill level.



One of the few Australians to have studied under Sanford Meisner, Billy has appeared on Australian screens and stages, as well as numerous international feature films. He has also written, directed and produced several short and full-length films, which have been seen by millions of people worldwide. Billy has been working as a professional drama coach since 1994.

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Billy Milionis


Bren Foster is an accomplished actor with over 15 year experience working both nationally and internationally. Bren studied for years under Billy Milionis at The Actors Pulse and has now returned to Australia to continue his acting and to teach alongside Billy with his vast industry knowledge.

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Bren Foster

Screen Acting Tutor

An Actors Pulse graduate, Mel stars in the hit ABC series Reef Break. Other notable appearances include Janet King, Pulse, Home & Away, and Harrow. She also has extensive experience performing and directing theatre performances nationally. Mel graduated at the highest level from The Actors Pulse under Billy Milionis. She has been a senior instructor of Screen Acting & Meisner Technique for over 10 years.

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Mel Bonne

Meisner & Screen Acting Tutor

Terry is one of Australia’s most accomplished performers, with credits including Running on Empty, He Died With a Felafel in his Hand and Dirty Deeds, as well as The Story of Johnny O’Keefe (as Johnny), Police Rescue and Blue Heelers. His numerous theatre accomplishments cross comedy, drama and musical genres. Terry has taught at The Actors Pulse since 2011.

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Terry Serio

Screen Acting Tutor

An Actors Pulse Alumni, Lukas is an accomplished screen actor who has recently returned from a 3 year stint in New Zealand as a series regular on NZ’s long running drama Shortland Street, playing Finn Connelly, the estranged son of main character Chris Warner. Lukas will also be starring in the upcoming ABC/Sky TV comedy co-production Frayed starring Sarah Kendall and Robert Webb, short film Kill Your Sons, Beyond Production’s series’ Dark Temptations and Deadly Women. Lukas is a screen acting instructor for beginner students.

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Lukas Whiting

Screen Acting Tutor

Raechyl French is an experienced voice coach with an MFA: Voice from the National Institute of Dramatic Art. Raechyl works with corporate professionals and performers to release their instinctive, expressive and inherent vocal abilities.

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Raechyl French

Voice & Dialect Tutor

Felix Schwartz has over 20 years of experience in mime and gesture for the performing arts. He has studied both nationally and internationally, performing in stage plays such as “Two Mime Show” (with NIDA), “Odessa Day of Humour” and “No Bullying” as well as numerous festivals and venues around Sydney for the last 15 years.

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Felix Schwartz

Movement Tutor

A NIDA & VCA graduate Laura brings her unique holistic approach to teaching Voice & Dialect to The Actors Pulse, combining her traditional training with her qualification in Yoga, Qi Gong and Mindfulness.

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Laura Farrell

Voice & Dialect Tutor


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    Still Have Doubts?

    Here's Some Common Questions...

    What skill level will I walk away with?

    After your first term with The Actors Pulse you will get a clearer understanding on what is involved in achieving the goals you have set out for yourself. Everyone’s acting journey is unique.

    Will I be able to go straight into auditions with confidence after this?

    Depends on one's ability and development. There are levels to auditions. There’s a difference between doing an audition for an independent film and a studio network style of feature film.

    What do I need to bring, if anything? - Just yourself, a notebook and pen and wear comfortable clothing.

    How many other people are in these classes?

    Depending on the style of class, it can range between 8 to 16 people

    Do I need previous acting experience or can I come in with no knowledge whatsoever?

    You can have either. The Actors Pulse caters for both. Whether you are a seasoned actor or a beginner, once we assess you we will help and guide you so you fit in seamlessly with our lessons.

    What does a typical day at The Actors Pulse look like?

    The Actors Pulse is a place where artistic people come together to collaborate and develop their craft. Students are supported and encouraged through a series of exercises and techniques to improve their craft, including but not limited to; acting technique, screen acting technique, voice technique and accents, physical storytelling through movement and active thoughts, to name a few.

    If I have previously studied the Meisner technique, can I study at The Actors Pulse?

    Yes you can. You will need to do a series of exercises to be assessed as to the authenticity and layers of the Meisner Technique.

    How will I know how to set my goals?

    At the end of the fourth week of term you can book a consultation with Billy to guide and assist you

    What makes The Actors Pulse version of the Meisner Technique so special?

    We focus on your individual qualities and persistently develop them weekly until we start getting the result that’s needed to take you to the next level.

    Is there a quick way to learn the Meisner Technique?

    No, but there are efficient ways to learn it as long as the message, what the Meisner Technique is about, isn’t diluted. Billy having studied personally under Sanford Meisner has kept the Meisner Technique in alignment with how it was intended to be learnt and used. Layer by layer, step by step.

    Is there public transport close by? Is there free parking available on-site?

    Getting to The Actors Pulse;

    - By Train and Bus - The studio is easily accessible by public transport. We are only 100 metres from Redfern Train Station in Sydney.

    - Parking - There is plenty of free on-street parking in the streets around the studio. There is also a free council parking area close by on Cope St, Redfern. The parking in the area around the studio can have some time limits to it, depending on the day of the week and time of the day or night.

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