Honing your craft – continued learning

17 June 2023

How To Stay Motivated And Inspired As An Experienced Actor

If you’ve been acting for a while, you’ll know only too well how easy it can be to become a little disillusioned with the supposed glitz […]
9 March 2023

The Evolution of Performance

The Evolution Of Performance There’s no denying that modern film acting is vastly different to the acting seen during the Golden Age of Hollywood. Compare any […]
24 January 2023

Why It’s Important to Keep Learning As An Actor

What is the “secret” to reaching your full potential as an actor? Always be ready to learn! Joining acting courses, attending workshops, and taking on new […]
11 May 2022

How to Memorise Your Lines Like a Pro

Memorising lines is hard work. If only we lived in a Matrix-style world where lines could be miraculously downloaded directly into the brain! Alas, that technology […]
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