Different acting techniques to consider and learn

22 February 2024

Strasberg’s Relaxation Techniques: How to Release Tension and Embody Your Character

As any studied actors can attest, method acting revolutionised the way actors approached their craft. First introduced by Konstantin Stanislavski, often considered the father of modern […]
29 January 2024

Classical Acting: Exploring the Acting Techniques of the Past

Classical acting is usually recognised or associated with the works of Shakespeare rather than its historical origins which are rooted in ancient Roman and Greek theatre.  […]
29 December 2023

The Importance of Vocal Training for Actors

When we think of great actors such as Jack Nicholson, Anthony Hopkins, Sally Fields and others, what we often remember is the impassioned monologues they have […]
29 December 2023

Improvisation Techniques for Actors: Learning to Think on Your Feet

For anyone inexperienced with acting, the idea that an actor would ever need to make something up on the spot may seem quite confusing. After all, […]
23 November 2023

Meisner-Based Improvisation: Combining Two Powerful Acting Techniques

For many of us, when we think about acting we envisage a lot of careful preparation. From intensive rehearsals to in-depth character studies and the reading […]
23 November 2023

Exploring Different Styles of Acting: Naturalism, Expressionism, and Beyond

We’ve spoken in past blogs about different methods or techniques of acting such as the Meisner Technique and Practical Aesthetics.  However, before the development of many […]
26 August 2023

Practical Aesthetics: A Beginner’s Guide to the Technique

While we’re dedicated advocates of the Meisner approach to acting, there are, of course, several other techniques out there. One of these alternative methods is Practical […]
26 August 2023

How to Use Your Body to Communicate Emotion

Body language is such a powerful tool when it comes to conveying emotion. We all engage in a variety of body language to communicate every day, […]
1 August 2023

Physical Comedy: Techniques for Developing Your Comedic Skills

When it comes to your skills as an actor or your preferred genre, is comedy up there as something you enjoy and feel you have mastered?  […]
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