16 October 2019
Joker Movie Review from The Actors Pulse

Joker Movie Review 2019

[Spoiler warning] I watched the film ‘Joker’ and loved it, was on the edge of my seat, enjoying the eye candy of “another” grounded, gritty superhero
9 May 2018
Actors Pulse alumni Dan Mor - Cannes Film Festival

The Actors Pulse Alumni on the World Stage!

The Actors Pulse alumni Dan Mor continues to go from strength to strength with his most recent role landing him at the Cannes Film Festival with
9 May 2018
Judd Wild AACTS (AFI) award for best online content

Our Alumni have done it again!

Congratulations to Actors Pulse alumni Judd Wild who has done itt again taking home yet another major award, the AACTA (AFI) award for best online content
9 May 2018
Masterclass series

Masterclass Series – Coming Soon

Billy Milionis will be running a series of his masterclass one day workshops over the next 12 months. The first one will be his Industry Development
9 May 2018
Movement Class - Fight Choreography

Movement Class – Fight Choreography

Our new term of Movement Class – Fight Choreography starts next week. Held in a professional dojo (martial arts studio) with awesome, well versed instructor Rory
9 May 2018
Moving Up

Moving On Up…

It’s been a busy start to the year with many students achieving amazing goals already. Congratulations and keep up the good work! Beginner 2 – Clarke

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