23 November 2023

Exploring Different Styles of Acting: Naturalism, Expressionism, and Beyond

We’ve spoken in past blogs about different methods or techniques of acting such as the Meisner Technique and Practical Aesthetics.  However, before the development of many […]
27 September 2023

What to expect in your first acting class

No matter how excited you are or how natural of a performer you may be, attending your first acting class can be pretty intimidating.   After all, […]
27 September 2023

Finding Acting Mentors and Role Models

No matter what career path you choose in life, having a mentor or role model to guide you can be incredibly beneficial. This is especially true […]
27 September 2023

How to Create an Effective Routine as an Actor in Training

Anyone familiar with the acting industry knows that actors rarely follow a normal 9 to 5 routine.  The odd hours and long days both on weekdays […]
27 September 2023

The Financial Investment Required To Pursue A Career In Acting

Many of us, when considering careers, look first at how much we stand to make once our education is completed and we are employed in that […]
27 September 2023

The Benefits of Group Acting Classes vs. Private Coaching

When it comes to learning a new skill, it is tempting to think that one-on-one coaching from a skilled teacher is the best way forward. However, […]