Billy Milionis

Billy Milionis( Director )

Billy Milionis is one of the few Australians to have ever studied under the legendary master teacher, the late Sanford Meisner. Billy has also studied story structure and scene analysis techniques with John Truby and later at UCLA. He has also spent several years doing improvisation in Hollywood with the L.A. Connection. In addition, he trained in the technique of Stella Adler, Practical Aesthetics and Lee Strasberg’s method.

In Australia, Billy has studied with; Campbelltown and Parramatta actors studios, NIDA Summer Camp, ATYP, The Actor’s Centre, Sydney Talent Company, John Samaha, Brian Adams, Andrea Moore, Lee Biolos, Bill Pepper, Carmen Lysiak and the late Richard Wherrett.

He has appeared on Australian television series and commercials, as well as numerous international feature films including ‘The Marriage Story’, ‘The Bangkok Bandit’ and ‘On Guard’. His theatre experience in Hollywood and Australia includes ‘Hamlet’, ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’, ‘Julius Caesar’, ‘The Summer of the 17th Doll’, ‘There’s A Ghost in the Basement, Me Lord’, ‘Insignificance’ and ‘Spike Heels’.

Billy wrote, directed and produced the short film ‘Lost Promises’ which was selected for the ‘Algarve International Film Festival’ in 1998. Another of his short films, ‘5 Tables’ (distributed by Trop Fest) was one of 10 out of a thousand films selected for international sale. Both films have been shown to millions of people worldwide.

In 2002, Billy directed and produced the full-length feature film ‘6000 Miles from Hollywood’.

Billy’s theatre directing credits include ‘Speed the Plow’, ‘Sunday On The Rocks’, ‘Spike Heels’ and most recently ‘Grace’. Receiving outstanding reviews from industry experts. This includes Kevin Jackson who wrote, “The production, directed by Billy Milionis, is beautifully controlled and gently articulated”.

Since 1994, Billy has been working as a professional drama coach. He has taught for Sydney Talent Company, Paradox Acting Studio, and for his own studio, The Actors Pulse.

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