Build your acting repertoire early on

This 9-week teen acting course is aimed at young actors from 11-16 years old, who aspire to a professional career. It is a standalone course in its own right as well as a pathway into adult Meisner classes later on.
  • Creatively learn how to act for stage and screen
  • Engage in a professional, real acting course
  • Focus and nourish your imagination
  • Learn how to bring a story to life
  • Bring confidence, truth and realism to your performance
  • Deliver a performance that is natural, real and engaging to watch
  • Get footage of your filmed class work to download and keep
Class duration & schedule:
Friday 4:30pm - 6pm
Saturday 9:30am - 11am
Saturday 11:30am - 1pm
Price per term:
1 class/wk for 9 weeks (paid upfront) $330 
2 classes/wk for 9 weeks (paid upfront) $600
3 classes/wk for 9 weeks (paid upfront) $770