Define your physical presence.

[Admissions to our stage combat classes are now closed, enrolments for 2020 will be opened soon]
Your physical presence is a huge part of your acting toolkit. Knowing how to move on stage and for the screen can help you truly command a character as well as adding interest and movement.  
Enjoy freedom, strength and versatility
Learn how to transform the rhythms of your body
Create precise, powerful characters
Enhance your visual environment 
The Actors Pulse gives you the tools you need to create solid, believable characters and claim your space on the stage. 
Our 2019 Movement classes are specialising in Fight Choreography or as some people like to call it Stage Combat.
Fight Choreography is designed as a specialised technique, for theatre and film, to create the illusion of physical combat without causing harm to the performers. One might say, ‘we have stunt men and women to do that’. This is true, but it is becoming more and more necessary for the main actor to be able to perform a certain amount of fight scenes themselves.
The course we offer you will teach you the beginning fundamentals of Fight Choreography from the best in the business.
Kung Fu master Rory Trend is like no other. He has lived and breathed Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Personal Training for over 20 years. Needless to say, you are in good hands.
Course Structure:
Term 1 - Power systems and body combinations
Term 2 - Fight choreography
Term 3 - Weapons
Term 4 - Weapons in scenes
Class duration & schedule:
Thursday 11am - 1pm
Each term runs for 6 weeks
Price per term:
1 class/wk - (paid upfront): $510