Meisner Technique Classes

Power your imagination with discipline, freedom and creativity.

Recognised as the best possible foundation for an acting career, the Meisner Technique is one of the most respected in the industry. Meisner-trained actors are well respected and sought after for their instinctive performances, unique characters and flexible, adaptable acting styles.
  • Explore and strengthen your imagination and improvisational skills
  • Develop your emotional range and ability to affect another person
  • Explore and develop skills to tell stories through performance
  • Learn how to create believable and truthful characters
  • Bring truth and integrity to your work, to enable a compelling performance
  • Benefit from stage, film and television techniques.
  • Build the skills that allow you to confidently approach any material
  • Learn how to make the script work, for successful auditions 
The Actors Pulse gives you the opportunity to study at the leading Meisner school in the southern hemisphere. 
On-site course
Part time
3 levels: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced
Building a foundation; not just technically but emotionally and spiritually as well. The unique foundation exercises in the Meisner technique carefully build the world around you without damaging what’s unique about you. 
Now the solid foundation has been built we focus on a deeper connection with the imaginary world. We explore the text using your own fantasies and desires to bring an inner life to the text that is truly your own. 
We focus on the story and the characters that live within those walls. It is our job as actors to honour the writing.  Sanford Meisner referred to this as building the banks of the river and the inner life of the character is the water. Leading up to advanced, as actors we deal with the water, its turbulence and quantity and now in advanced we build the banks and live within it. 
Price per term: Class duration & schedule:
1 class/wk - (paid upfront): $535 Monday 3pm - 6pm 
2 classes/wk - (paid upfront): $735 Monday 7pm - 10pm
3 classes/wk - (paid upfront): $1040 Wednesday 10:30am - 1:30pm
4 classes/wk - (paid upfront): $1330 Wednesday 3pm - 6pm
  Wednesday 7pm - 10pm
  Saturday 11am - 2pm