Sam Alhaje


Sam Alhaje is a talented Australian/Lebanese actor best known for his leading role as Toufic Habib on Here Come the Habibs, the Australian television comedy series produced by Jungle. 

The six part series tells the Lebanese-Australian family the Habibs who move from the ’burbs into Australia’s richest suburb after winning the lottery. 

Sam was also the voice of Omar Omari in 100% Wolf: Legend of the Moonstone, a 2020 computer-animated adventure fantasy comedy film directed by Alexs Stadermann and produced by Alexia Gates-Foale and Barbara Stephen. 

The film won the Asian Television Award: Best 3D Animated Programme in 201 and was nominated for the AACTA Award: Best Children's and  ADG Award: Best Direction in an Animation Project.

Further TV series credits include his appearance in multi-award winning Australian series Hardball. Winner of the Australian Directors Guild Award for Best Direction in a Children's TV or SVOD Drama Program the series follows fish out of water, Mikey and his two misfit mates, Salwa and Jerry. Their goal - Make Mikey the sweetest-bestest-acest handball champ Western Sydney's ever seen. 

Actors Pulse Alumni Testimonial

"Hey Brother (Billy). You’re a beautiful man. You have taught me so much about not only acting but about life, and for that I appreciate you beyond words. “If you had 86,400 seconds in a day, wouldn’t you spend them all”? “We have 86,400 seconds a day, why wouldn’t you spend them all”? “Find a way to win”. You taught me to open my eyes around me, to make sure I make the most out of every second of a day and to always keep pushing. You truly are a great mentor as well as a true friend, although sometimes you whip, hammer, belt and absolutely cut the legs off us that we want to go home. It is never for the negative, it’s for the positive. It’s such a honour and pleasure to have you as part of my life. You’re a Mayweather in your profession! Thank you so very much for everything you have done for me. This phrase best sums up about what I am truly trying to say. “I appreciate you”. - Sam Alhaje