Paul Cattunar


Paul Cattunar is a multi-talented performer with experience in writing and producing and a background in stand-up comedy.

He is known for his appearance in the Australian TV series Skit Marks (10 episodes) and the 2012 mini-series Housemate (6 episodes). Paul played the starring role in Housemates as Jude, a clean freak who gets dumped by his girlfriend and is forced to find a housemate, Trev, to help pay the bills. Jude soon realised Trev isn’t the housemate he'd been hoping for and his personal and professional life are turned upside down in the comedy series. 

A talented writer and producer, Paul co-wrote and produced episodes in both series through his production company, PetCat Productions.

Paul’s short film credits include The Comedian which was nominated for Outstanding Fiction Film in the 2014 Short. Sweet. Film Fest (US). The drama follows a stand-up comedian struggling with the break up of his marriage and the passing of his daughter hits bottom and while he's down there experiences a brief and beautiful moment that gives him just enough to move forward.

He also starred in the video pilot for Early Birds, a short comedy that affectionately lampoons morning TV shows.

Committed to expanding his craft, Paul studied NIDA's The Screen Actor course in 2010. He also completed acting studies at The Actor's Pulse achieving a Gold Medal in Advanced Meisner Technique and graduated in 2015.

Easy-going, flexible and creative, Paul enjoys spending his spare time surfing, writing and travelling.