Michael Grocholsky

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm6775094/

With extensive experience in front of and behind the camera, Michael travelled through Africa, South America and Europe for almost three years before training as an actor in London.

His work includes TV credits for the Australian medical drama Pulse, Diary of an Uber driver and Amazing Grace. The series centres on midwife Grace and her passionate colleagues at an unconventional birth centre attached to a major city hospital.

Michael played a starring role opposite Luke Ford in the Cannes Film Festival cult thriller short film Emmanuel which centres on a young cult member's quest for purity in the shadow of the end of the world. The film won the award for Best Cinematography (Sydney Indie Film Festival) and was a nominee in the Student Film category (Australian Cinematographers Society).

After meeting fellow actor Rodrigo Badonio at the Cannes Film Festival, the two began a creative partnership and launched Leche Productions in 2020 making indie films and documentaries.

Michael's other work in short films includes; Echo, Zero, Embers, This is Us, and Bliss.

He wrote and produced the short films Hilux or Die Trying, Lemonade, Hoop Deals, and produced Clingy. He was an associate producer on and starred in the TV series The Honoured Society - a 1960'S Neo-Noir Crime Drama That Follows Salvatore Lucano and his early promotion to don of the Lucano Crime family making him the youngest Godfather in New York.

Michael also works behind the camera, in a variety of roles, from editing, sound mixing and camera operating, shooting luxury cars, producing super yacht documentaries and working in the world of non-scripted TV.