Liz Arday


Liz Arday is an actress, award-winning director, and cinematographer.

She is known for the short film My Father's Shed, which she wrote and directed. The short film tells the story of a man who escapes from his mother’s birthday party to the family shed where he secretly gets in drag and is discovered by his father.

Liz played a starring role in Am Not Someone Else, a confrontational tale about a man outcast from society for a past crime, and For Better or Worse about a young married couple recounting the story of their relationship in a counselling session.

Liz also appeared in series 3 and 4 of Deadly Women, true stories of female killers.

Additional television credits include John Mavety (Beyond/Discovery Channel America), The Agency, and she also co-hosted Thirty Minutes; a live show with recorded segments.

Believing theatre is a great device to reimagine the world, Liz’s performances include; Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen (Factotum Theatre), Fatima & Maama by Asher Wyndham (Short + Sweet Sydney) and One Flew Over The Cuckoo Nest by Dale Wasserman (Elanora Players)

The 2018 recipient of the Sandra Bates Director’s Award, much of Liz’s work allows the audience to explore the good and bad of humanity. Her director credits include Yours The Face, and Debris - the intense and confrontational story of abused siblings.

Liz also directed The Eisteddfod, A Woman Alone, Ride, and Your Heart is My Pinata; an inner-city comedy about breaking up and falling in love and the nasty things we do in between.