Dan Mor

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3448542/

Dan Mor has made waves in the Australian and Israeli film and television scene. 

Born and raised in Tel-Aviv, Israel, Dan launched his Australian acting career with his role in the award-winning feature film ‘Cedar Boys’ as a drug lord. 

His appearance in Cedar Boys drew the attention of producers for award winning drama series Underbelly, and Dan was invited to audition for Underbelly ‘The Golden Mile’. He landed the role as infamous Danny DK Karam with his performance drawing accolades from the press

“Rarely has a character in Australian TV drama radiated such a chilling menace" Daily-Telegraph. 

"Mor is an incredibly ambitious individual with an intensity not unlike the biggest movie stars" Film Ink.

He also appeared on four episodes of Fat Tony & Co, a drama based in Melbourne that tells the story of gangster Tony Mokbel’s rise to multi-millionaire drug dealer status and starred in sci-fi adventure telemovie Arrowhead. 

Dan is now based in Israel and can be seen in the series ‘The Queen of Jerusalem’ which follows a family living through the Ottoman Empire, the British Mandate and Israel’s War of Independence. 

Known for his role in Killing Jesus, Dan spent six weeks in Morocco playing an enforcer to King Herod in the four-hour miniseries that stars Kelsey Grammer, Stephen Moyer, Rufus Sewell and John Rhys Davies.

Trained in the Meisner Technique, mime, and movement, before his time in Australia, Dan also served in the Israel Defense Forces as a shooting instructor and was a member of the national Water-Polo team. 

Dan studied Pre-Med at UCLA. He completed his studies at Tel-Aviv University and holds a degree in Life Science. 

Actors Pulse Alumni Testimonial

“I have found a home, a family if I may, a place where I can relax and simply focus my energy on the process of becoming an actor, knowing that I am in the ideal environment to learn, grow and follow my dream.” - Dan Mor