Rebecca Ratcliff


Australian actress Rebecca Ratcliff has various TV and short film credits to her name.

She appeared as Beth in Happy Bag, the comedy-drama centred around a terminally ill man who is given an unconventional send-off in this exploration of assisted suicide and the healing power of music.

Further film credits include Wrath and Cedar Boys. Rebecca plays the role of Bec in Cedar Boys, an edgy, tense drama which follows the lives of three young men from Sydney's outer west as they strive to fit into the wealthier, more glamorous side of Sydney.

Blue Murder: Killer Cop picks up where it left off from the mini-series that debuted in 1995. Rebecca appears as detective Heniretta in an episode of the series.

She was also cast in the hard-hitting Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers. The 2006 documentary film was directed by Robert Greenwald with Brave New Films and looks at war profiteering in Iraq by private contracting companies Halliburton, CACI, and KBR.

Rebecca’s short film credits include Help Yourself to Some Self-help - a comedy about a life coach in the midst of a life crisis.