Fay Beck

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3533932/

Fay Beck is an actress, screenwriter, artistic director, and producer.

While training in the Meisner Technique at The Actors Pulse in Sydney, she studied psychology and philosophy at the University of Sydney at the same time. After majoring in both subjects she then successfully completed a Diploma of Arts in Film & Gender Studies a year later. Her psychological and philosophical theories concerning the human psyche underpin her work as an actress, writer, director, instructor and storyteller.

She directed and wrote the award-nominated short film The Break Up. The 7-minute drama tells the story of the emotional fallout following the breakup of a ten-year relationship in which very little had actually gone wrong.

Not a single word of dialogue is spoken during the film. The film was selected for inclusion in the ARFF Barcelona // International Awards 2019, in the category “Best Experimental Short Film”. The same film was a semi-finalist in the European Cinematography Awards in the category “Best Silent Film” and was selected for inclusion in the Cyprus International Film Festival “Golden Aphrodite” 2019.

Faye acted in short films Stroke The Black and We Men Do. She also appeared in the Australian TV series Deadly Women and There’s Something In The Pilliga - a horror fantasy about the The Pilliga Yowie, - or 'Jingra' - has haunted the Australian outback for centuries, stalking a remote part of New South Wales.

One of the top cast in The Makeover, Faye played the role of Gina in the heartwarming comedy romance film.

She also produced and directed short films Marava’s Purge, Hooked In, Collectors Protocol, Stroke the Black, and Layers.

Fay writes, directs, and produces short and feature films through the film production companies she co-owns; Angry Bee Films and Aberrant Gene Films.