6 November 2021
Naomi Watts

Getting Into Acting – Naomi Watts

If you were to ask anyone to name their favourite Australian actors, the name Naomi Watts would crop up quite regularly.
5 September 2021
Actor Jim Carrey

Getting Into Acting – Jim Carrey

When we consider icons in the acting world, we think of actors who revolutionised a genre. Actors whose distinct approach brought us unique and memorable characters time and time again with nuance and flair.
9 August 2021
Peggy Feury

The Importance of an Acting Coach – Who was Peggy Feury?

When we witness fantastic performances on film, we often credit the actor on their craft. We admire how they made us relate, cry, gasp, and wonder, sometimes with just a word or a look.
19 July 2021
Sandra Bullock

Getting Into Acting – Sandra Bullock

When one first starts learning about Sanford Meisner and his technique, a natural first step is looking up practitioners and ‘success stories’. Screen legends like Anthony Hopkins, Jeff Goldblum, and Sandra Bullock.
5 July 2021
Dan Mor - When Heroes Fly

Dan Mor – Continuing His Success

Congratulations to Pulse alumni and international star Dan Mor as he continues to make waves in the Israeli film and television scene.
22 June 2021
No Harm Done

No Harm Done with Jean-Pierre Yerma

Big congratulations are in order for current intermediate student at The Pulse, Jean-Pierre Yerma (known around The Pulse as JP) and his recent accomplishments.

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