Mission Statement

Pulse Group Theatre will aim to challenge the current constraint of casting within the Theatre/Film industries through two main differences; the productions will be open to audition to both high end intermediate / advanced students, as well as external actors outside the school. However, by taking advantage of the abundance of talent within our school, PGT will give students the invaluable opportunity of partaking in professionally produced and publicly marketed productions alongside professional casts.

Secondly, by not auditioning exclusively through agents, but developing the same quality of work and skill in our independent artists through industry standard productions, PGT will narrow the gap between community and professional theatre. The aim is that this creates a cycle of accessible career opportunities for actors that are self-reliant. 2016 will see PGT launch a full season of both original and existing works, opening up its doors to independent writers wishing to submit scripts for production.

In the Dramatic Arts, one element can’t survive without the other. The actor can’t survive without the director and the writer can’t survive without the cast. This is why PGT is so fundamental to creating accessible opportunities to artists. We are a Theatre Company where every production is produced and directed professionally at an incredibly high industry standard, staged to a paying audience and open to profit share. The door is open. We like to think we are unveiling that mystery around getting to the stage of being a working actor and writer. It’s a very important and long awaited change to the industry. As our mission states, we are a 'platform for artists'.