Build your acting career

Our full-time course is for people who are willing and able to commit to acting full-time. Perhaps you’re someone who wants to begin your acting career with a strong and focussed foundation, or an actor who wants to fast-forward your career with a stronger set of skills.
The industry is flooded with actors who are willing and capable of doing the job. To stand above the crowd, actors need to have that certain ‘something’ that makes them as unique and memorable as possible. 
Great actors typically have two main components: an honest integrity of style and adaptability. This means being able to master numerous different roles, not just the ones that sit comfortably with your style. Our training works toward giving you both these elements.
Built upon the foundation of the Meisner Technique, this 3-year full-time acting course delivers a high standard of professional training for stage and screen, voice and dialect, movement and the business of acting.  
  • Train at the leading Meisner school in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Take advantage of our professional studio environment to help you develop and grow as a confident, experienced actor
  • Take a planned, strategic approach to your career
  • Benefit from the real-life opportunities offered by regular stage and screen performances
  • Receive a well-rounded training program in film and stage
  • Nurture and develop your own unique acting style with the Meisner technique
  • Bring truth and integrity to your work, to enable a compelling performance
  • Build the skills that allow you to confidently approach any material
  • Learn how to make the script work, for successful auditions
  • Graduate as a smart, marketable and strong actor
Our full-time acting course requires commitment and dedication. For students who have what it takes, this course provides a huge head start in the competitive world of screen and stage acting.
Full-time, onsite course
Auditions required
Class duration: (x 4 terms)
4 x Meisner classes p/w
2 x Screen Acting Classes p/w
1 x Voice Class p/w
1 x Movement class p/w  
To enquire about our application process, please get in touch.