Nicole Thorn(The Actors Pulse Alumni)

“The most important lesson I got from my time at The Actors Pulse was to always question. Question myself, question my work; why am I doing what I am doing and is it true to myself? That lesson, and the opportunities Billy gave me set me on a path to fulfil my dream and live my passion.”

Ben Steel(The Actors Pulse Alumni )

“Billy not only changed my whole approach to acting, but also my perspective on life. the atmosphere at the Pulse created a safe space where I could face my fears front on. I remember for one activity I obsessively collected old TVs from roadsides for two months, I brought them into the Pulse – and during the exercise smashed all the screens into pieces. I’ve heard Billy still uses this as an example of what NOT to do in the working space – but damn it was fun!”

Clint Facey(The Actors Pulse Graduate)

“Robert Kiyosaki had his “rich dad, poor dad”. I have my acting Dad. Bill’s been like that for me. He has not only shaped my acting but me as a human in life. His teachings have been invaluable and things I will teach to my kids one day.”

Milica Pajic(The Actors Pulse Alumni )

“Billy has been one of the most influential people in my life. From the first moment I met him he sold me with his “work hard” speech. He has also not failed to live down his reputation as a workaholic – I quote in his words having a schedule that consists of “114 hours a week”. This mentality has brushed off onto us Pulse students luckily as there has been times where I’ve felt like giving up, yet somehow I always manage to push through.”

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