Dan Mor(The Actors Pulse Alumni)

“I have found a home, a family if I may, a place where I can relax and simply focus my energy on the process of becoming an actor, knowing that I am in the ideal environment to learn, grow and follow my dream.”

Theo Saidden(The Actors Pulse Alumni )

“Studying at the Actor’s Pulse helped me discover that the greatest form of comedy comes from reacting truthfully to the moment. This is the main principle of the Meisner technique and with highly trained teachers and industry professionals giving feedback, it was truly a defining time for me.”

Emily Stewart(Graduated Student)

Bill, you have inspired, driven and humoured so many faces during these 20 years, always with passion, commitment and friendship. Thank you for the past 20 years, for building the heart of acting Sydney needed. It has been wonderful to watch the Pulse grow, to see you grow from an actor with a vision, to most importantly a wonderful Dad of 3 and an unbeatable team with Paris. What a life! Congratulations Bill. Here’s to many more years of collaboration and friendship.

Bill Bennett(Director and Writer)

“As a feature film director I’ve worked with several actors from The Actors Pulse. Not only were they very fine performers, they had a work ethic and a sense of professionalism that spoke highly of their training.
Billy Millionis’ success as one of Australia’s leading acting teachers lies in his personal commitment to each of his acting students. If I audition a graduate from The Actors Pulse, I know immediately that they have a keen understanding of their craft, and that they will be good to work with.”

Chris Rodgers(The Actors Pulse Alumni)

I studied at The Actors Pulse with Billy for four years, and in that time am proud to have called him a teacher, a mentor and a friend. During my time at The Pulse I considered it almost like a second home, a place where I could explore the craft of acting, develop and hone my skills and grow as a person. To anyone who has studied at The Pulse it is obvious how much the school is a reflection of Billy (little surprise to the few who know how much of himself he has put into it) and its great success is a testament to his passion, his dedication and his years of hard work. I have so many great memories at The Pulse, most of which were in the studio with Bill, where his honest, open approach to the work and ability to make each and every Actor feel valued has stayed with me to this day. Most importantly I learned from Bill that talent will only take you so far, that success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration and if you truly want something, you have to chase it down and make it yours. Billy truly cares about the Actors he works with and it is so apparent in the pride he takes in their success. He has always given me honest, selfless advice in both my professional and personal life and I am truly grateful for his support and guidance over the years. He is a great teacher and a great friend and I can’t wait to see what the next 15 years holds for The Actors Pulse!

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