Stephen Hunter(The Actors Pulse Alumni)

“I was a working actor when I started at The Actors Pulse. I wanted to expand my range and break into bigger & better work.
Billy has taught me that talent and natural skill will only get you so far. His focus is on developing your craft and your skills through a disciplined process. It’s not about picking up tips & tricks. I had plenty of those.
Billy’s passion for acting and his actors is something I have never experienced before. We all have our champions – our friends, agent and family, who tell us how great we are. With Billy, you just get the truth. He is tough, honest and probably my harshest critic. But at the same time, he is my biggest fan. His commitment, love and guidance has broken me out of my comfort zone. He continues to inspire, demand, encourage and challenge. If you want an easy ride and quick success – don’t come here. If you really want to learn how to act – this is where you should be.”

Rebecca Breeds(The Actors Pulse Alumni)

“What I love about the Meisner Technique is that it is designed to enhance and bring out what I already have as a human and hence a performer maintaining what only I can offer an employer. It brings out what is already in you rather than adding on a ‘method’. Everyday I’m learning a new freedom, power and FUN as an actor.”

Dan Mor(The Actors Pulse Alumni)

“I have found a home, a family if I may, a place where I can relax and simply focus my energy on the process of becoming an actor, knowing that I am in the ideal environment to learn, grow and follow my dream.”

Bill Bennett(Director and Writer)

“As a feature film director I’ve worked with several actors from The Actors Pulse. Not only were they very fine performers, they had a work ethic and a sense of professionalism that spoke highly of their training.
Billy Millionis’ success as one of Australia’s leading acting teachers lies in his personal commitment to each of his acting students. If I audition a graduate from The Actors Pulse, I know immediately that they have a keen understanding of their craft, and that they will be good to work with.”

Theo Saidden(The Actors Pulse Alumni )

“Studying at The Actors Pulse helped me discover that the greatest form of comedy comes from reacting truthfully to the moment.”

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