Ben Dalton


Actor and director Ben Dalton has shown his creative aptitude across many projects in both film and television.

He is best known for his appearances in Pros and Ex-Cons, starring Sam Worthington, which follows two assassins who, after completing a job, are told they killed the wrong person. Ben was also cast in the neo-noir psychological thriller Imprisoned.

The talented actor appeared in Tough Nuts: Australia's Hardest Criminals - the docuseries narrated by Tara Moss that tells the stories of the most villainous figures in Australian criminal history.

He joined the series Plans for 5 episodes where he was cast in the role of Alex. The Australian mini-series follows Zia, a young medical student who moves to inner-city Sydney and is embraced by an eclectic group of misfits.

Ben also appeared in further TV series including Deadly Women, Farscape, Comedy Inc, Young Lions and two of Australia’s most loved programs; Home and Away and All Saints.

Ben has directed a series of short films including Dating Dilemmas, Imprisoned and Recompense.

His talent for producing and writing scripts shines through in the short films Recompense, Surprise, and The Audition. He also produced short comedies Wrong Bar and Coffee Date - which he also starred in.