Voice & Dialect

Find the power of your voice.

Your voice is one of your strongest instruments. This course shows you how to connect with your voice and manipulate it to create a truthful, compelling experience.
  • Express emotions powerfully through your voice
  • Master regional accents, adapt to varied characters
  • Learn breathing techniques to amplify and project your voice in different environments
  • Become aware of where your voice gets ‘blocked’ and learn voice-freeing exercises
  • Understand your breathing muscles and how to use them for resonance and vocal colour
  • Express yourself with clarity and articulation
  • Opportunities to master sight reading, voice overs and monologues
Our voice department uses an instinctive and structured approach to understanding and freeing your own voice. Our voice classes work your own innate sense of play to develop and explore a rich and resonant voice, releasing your body, voice and imagination to develop the most effective creative habits.
Courses are available for beginner and advanced students. 
Class duration & schedule:
Monday 12pm - 2pm
Price per term:
1 class/wk - (paid upfront): $460