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Alumni In Action

Alumni In Action
It’s always exciting to follow the careers of former Actors Pulse students, and support the exciting projects they’re involved in. Here’s what six Pulse alumni have been up to this year.

Melissa Bonne

Melissa appeared in four episodes of ‘Home and Away’ this year, as well as four episodes on the show ‘Pulse’ which has been described as Australia’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. ‘Pulse’ is currently screening on ABC.


Aaron Glenane in Killing GroundAaron Glenane
Aaron plays ‘Chook’ in the feature film ‘The Killing Grounds’ which was released in July.Chook is one of the antagonists in a terrifying story of a couple fleeing a pair of killers while stranded deep in a national park. Aaron also has the lead role in ‘Never Innocent’, a feature currently in post-production, and he appears in the 2017 mini-series ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’, recently picked up for US release.
Bren Foster in The Osiris ChildBren Foster

Bren continues to capture imaginations as the hard-hitting character named ‘Wolf’ in the latest season of ‘The Last Ship’. Bren also plays the role of ‘Charles Kreat’ in ‘The Osiris Child’, a sci-fi feature set in a space faring future. ‘The Osiris Child’ has been receiving positive reviews since its release in May.


Rebecca Breeds in Three SummersRebecca Breeds

Rebecca has recently reprised her role of ‘Nicole Gordon’ in the hit show ‘Pretty Little Liars’. She also appears in the film ‘Three Summers’, written and directed by Ben Elton, which was released in August.



Dan Mor

Dan features as ‘The Blood Diamond’ in the feature ‘Bad Day in Belgrade’, which was released in August. The film follows bad boy novelist Johnny Murphy who travels to the Eastern Bloc in search of redemption and literary glory.


Paul Barton in SupernaturalPaul Barton

Graduating in 2013 Paul has been constent with his acting. Recently Paul appeared in an episode of the latest season of the cult hit ‘Supernatural’. He also has a role in ‘Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library’, a TV movie currently in post production.