You Agree...


  1. To pay the course fee amount(s) mentioned above, two weeks prior to commencing your class(es).
  2. To pay by cheque, cash or bank transfer (cheques to be made payable to The Actors Pulse Pty Ltd).
  3. To pay the balance on time as follows:
    • Option 1: Upfront Payment - two weeks prior to the commencement of term; or
    • Option 2: Payment by Instalments - following the payment structure (available from The Actors Pulse office).

NB. If neither of these payment options are not paid in the required time there will be a $25 late payment fee per payment, this includes deposits. If full payment is not met by agreed week an additional $25 per week will be added.

  1. That if you don't pay on time, The Actors Pulse may exclude you from class or suspend you from the school until payment is made.
  2. All deposits are non refundable.
  3. You are liable for payment for the whole term regardless of your attendance, due to illness or any other reason, including should you decide to leave The Actors Pulse. No refunds are given.
  4. Payments made upon the enrolment of a course are non transferable. Should you wish to alter your classes to a different course it will be treated as a new course enrolment and thus the full payment is required.
  5. The Actors Pulse may pursue legal action to recover any outstanding money owed should you fail to fulfil your obligations under item 5 (above) after at least two formal requests to do so by The Actors Pulse.
  6. New Students: Full payment is required before commencing classes.
  7. For students who have chosen the Part-time Course option: this is a 9 week enrolment, however the pricing is based on 7 weeks of tuition; giving you two weeks free in the event you are unable to attend some classes.
  8. Option 2 (two) is not available to anyone applying for enrolment to The Actors Pulse for the first time.


Intellectual Property:

  1. I agree the rights of all work produced by students within the courses/classes, including film scripts, compositions and performances remain with The Actors Pulse.
  2. I give The Actors Pulse Pty Ltd permission to use any still image or moving image of myself taken by The Actors Pulse Pty Ltd in any of my classes or from monologue night, scene night, fund raising and social events held by The Actors Pulse Pty Ltd for any of the following uses:

o     All forms of Advertising, marketing or leaflets

o    Website/Social Media Promotions

  1. No actor or acting teacher from any other institute, private or government, can join The Actors Pulse without prior informing Billy Milionis in writing, their exact history. Where they have studied, what professional work as an actor they have done, where they have taught and for how long, what they have taught and who for. Please go to reception if this is your case.
  2. Additional information on The Actors Pulse Privacy Policy is accessible from our website.    


Class Commitments and Make Up classes:

  1. All courses at The Actors Pulse require commitment to rehearsal outside of class. Participation in rehearsals will be taken into account by the tutor and course director, and will affect your progression through the course.
  2. You understand that public holidays are factored into the pricing structure on an average scaling system to ensure that students are not disadvantaged should a public holiday occur. Classes that fall on a public holiday cannot be made up – This may result in variation of the number of classes per term, however the term payment will always cover the minimum number of classes, additional classes are a bonus.
  3. When notice has been given for an absence from class, this class can be made up. Classes must be made up before the end of the term, make up classes do not roll over to the following term.
  4. There are no make ups for missed camera classes, due to the nature of the course.
  5. To purchase the Student Journal, which is included in your start up fee, and to uphold the Rules and Guidelines outlined in this Journal. You acknowledge that you have been advised of the Rules and Guidelines in the Student Journal.
  6. If you are accepted as a mid term enrolment, you enrol for 9 weeks beginning from given date of your first class.
  7. If the Actors Pulse Pty Ltd deems it is in the best interest of the students and the school, it reserves the right to change the duration and/or times of classes with notice.


  1. To give written notice of any changes to your contact details. The Actors Pulse are not liable for the result of any unseen contact where notice of a change is not given.
  2. The Actors Pulse reserve the right to update these terms and conditions at any time, any updates made will be immediately in effect from the date of its publication on The Actors Pulse website


Full Time Course Conditions:

If you are enrolling into the full time course you agree with the following terms and conditions in additions to section 1 – 24.


1.     To pay a deposit of $1,800 by the date mentioned in the payment options section to secure your position in the class.

  1. That the classes offered by The Actors Pulse Pty Ltd in this full-time course are comprised of Meisner Technique classes, Screen Acting classes, Voice and/or Dialect classes and Movement classes. You will always be studying in 6-8 classes/week and the type of classes you study will change throughout the year.

3.       That this Full-Time Acting Course – Year 1 runs for 36 weeks in which students are required to reach certain outcomes by the end of the year. If you have missed or not completed any units in Meisner or Screen Acting of the Full-Time Acting Course, you will be required to complete Term 5.

4.       That the Full-Time Acting Course is a 3 year course of which year 1 is open and years 2 & 3 are invitation only, based on the students outcomes in the preceding year.

5.       Attendance required to complete the Full-Time Acting Course is 90%. Please refer to the Full-Time Acting Course Guidelines & Rules for more detailed information regarding attendance and missed classes.